About HotInc


About HotInc

OAU Awards / Mr & Miss Fresher


HOTINC is known for it’s unique, outstanding and yet unbeatable record of shutting down events in the amphitheatre of Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife Osun State.
The amphitheatre is estimated to having a holding capacity of 5,000 people on a normal day and 7000 holding capacity on a fully packed show night. And, quite frankly, over the years, HOTINC has conveniently shut down the venue back-to-back with a large number of people standing and a lot outside seeking entry with every show spearheaded or initiated.


The secret to our beatable yet always achieved record is our three tier connected strategy that overtime comes to become our brand’s trademark. They are;
  • The Mr/Miss Fresher Pageantry

  • OAU Awards

  • Music Concert


​The Mr/Miss fresher pageant show is particularly dedicated to the freshmen of the institution. Here, freshers get to participate, either directly or through voting, in determining who becomes the next King and Queen. ​​The idea behind this is creating a platform that incorporates the fresh students into the dynamic workings in the university community and creates a platform that allows them to take the next step into their dream career. Our strategy here is that, while the pageantry focuses on the freshmen, our audience cuts across everyone from freshmen to finalist within our immediate community as well as other tertiary institutions. The basic truth is that almost everyone loves pageantry and for House Of Tends INCorporated, everyone is invited.


​The OAU Awards as it is named is indeed an “OAU Award”. That is, an encompassing conferment on the basis of merit to everyone deserving of it from freshmen to final year students, even at the point incorporating alumnus as well as lecturers. ​Awards ranging from rookie of the year (freshmen) to alumnus of the year (new), Lecturer of the year(new), Student writer of the year, Student bank of the year to mention but a few, are directly geared towards ensuring that every realm is covered. The initiative in this is creating an award that cuts across persons from entertainment, to fashion, to academics, journalism, and even organizations both within the university community and outside.


“Without music, life would be a mistake”- Friedrich Nietzsche Two things unite people in the world- Football and Music. Everyone loves music, the difference may lie in the genre of choice, but the love of music is undebatable. HOTINC has decided to capitalize on that general uniting love of music to create an event that draws everyone in one place, at one time, singing together and moving in sync to the melody. The musical concert has always remained a major highlight of HOTINC’s show. This is simply because at the point of good music, everyone is interested. Bringing A-list artists to the shows, HOTINC has set an unbeatable record of excellence and has succeeded to bringing everyone together stallites and freshmen.


Our secret is in- understanding individualism, respecting it and through it creating a form of communism. Each event is in itself capable of drawing its own target audience, but rather than let each run solo and appeal to only a sect of people per time, they have been brought together to appeal to everyone at the same time. Having people with different personalities, appeal, preferences, ideology together in one show is the dream of any event organiser, and that is what House Of Trends Incorporated has achieved in the years part and what it will continue to achieve in times to come.

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